On Computers


I don’t know about you guys, but once in a while the computer is a real mystery to me and doesn’t work the way I want to. The other day I accidentaly wiped some emails and they were gone. (Of course, before I read them).
So here is a video by the english comedien Eddie Izzard on computers. Very funny, especially in the end. Watch, enjoy and laugh.

3 Responses

  1. Caroline Bray Art

    Absolutely fantastic! Izzard is by far my favourite commedian and no doubt I will now spend the rest of the day watching every clip of him ever of YouTube. Thanks for sharing and I hope your computer behaves today.

  2. Lisa Le Quelenec

    Oooohhhh the irony! After watching that very funny video, my laptop crashed. (I'm a big Eddie Izzard fan) Thank you for a really good giggle.

  3. SamArtDog

    So sorry to hear about your 'puter woes. My recent posts are all about the same. Although I question his fashion sense, Eddie describes my meltdowns perfectly. Paranoia is definitely part of them, so I'm sure some sicko out there is getting a real kick out of them. Don't get me started…