Plein Air Nocturne: View to Wedel



View to  Wedel, 20×30 cm, Oil, Linen mounted on board
© 2015, Astrid Volquardsen

ab dem 15.10.2015 im Reepschlägerhaus in Wedel/Hamburg

Before the big rain showers will set in this autumn I took the opportunity to have another nocturne in nice weather conditions. Again I started with the painting at dawn so when it turns really dark I can stop the painting. This time I had no additional source of light than my torch. It’s really tricky.

Foto © 2015, Marc Volquardsen

3 Responses

  1. Margaret Bradburn

    You and your artwork are amazing! I admire your talent and work ethic.

    • Astrid

      Hi Margaret,
      thanks for your kind words.

  2. Hans

    Hallo Frau Volquardsen,
    Fantastisch GUUUT diese »Dämmerungsbilder« ob neuerdings in Öl oder in Pastell.
    Wobei ich der Meinung bin………Pastelle sind und bleiben meine Favoriten
    Gruß Hans