Plein Air Nocturne: Hamburgs new Wolrd heritage site


Last week the old ware houses of Hamburg have been announced to become part of the World Heritage site. This was more than one reason to start my plein air nocturne experience at this time of day. A premiere with my oils.

With approaching night it gets really hard to recognize the colors on your palette so it is wise to premix them. It helps if you know your colors because as the saying goes: at night all cats are grey.

20150710-Plein Air-007

Foto © 2015, Marc Volquardsen



20150710-Plein Air-008

Foto © 2015, Marc Volquardsen


At sunset I had started to put down my initial sketch so that later during the actual painting I could concentrate on color and shape.


Foto © 2015, Marc Volquardsen

This spot is also very popular with the foto community.



Speicherstadt ( Wasserschlösschen), Oil, 20×30 cm, 2015

© 2015, Astrid Volquardsen

A completely new plein air experience because till the next morning I had no clou what the painting would look like. It actually helps to loosen up.