Plein Air at the harbor


From the light and warmth of southern France back to my northern regions. Last week it was still quite warm to actually enjoy a plein air trip to the harbor. It was windy mind you, that’s the reason why I hold on to my easel.


Foto, 2013 © Astrid Volquardsen

At this part of the harbor you get close to the big ships and can observe the loading of the containerships. It’s always a challenge to paint at sunset because the light changes fast. On the other hand that’s a chance to just paint and stop thinking too much.


Pastellstudie, 2013 © Astrid Volquardsen


This spot is also well known between photographers so I lined up my easel between all of them. As another photographer approached and watched me painting he proclaimed: »Well that’s the ultimate way of capturing this light.« How true this is!