Dünensaum (Triptychon), 2012, 34×52 cm
© Astrid Volquardsen

Originally this triptych started from a completely different format but there was one part which I didn’t like at all so I decided to cut it off, (which I usually  never do). I still didn’t like it and all the sudden I could witness a creative process in my mind. I think it is very important to stay entirely open minded  during the painting process and keep your options open. This painting  was such fun and joy, because I had no idea where it would lead me. At the end of my morning in the studio one of  Picassos`quotation came to my mind: »Inspiration does exist. But it has to meet you at work.«


6 Responses

  1. Vanessa

    WOW! Your work is beautiful! I really love the triptych idea and especially when done to such a large scale. It’s really interesting that your intentions somewhat changed during the process. I think that’s pretty admirable because you were willing to depart from your original plan based on instinct alone… Gorgeous work!

    • Astrid

      Hi Vanessa,
      thanks so much. Actually it was quite liberating to leave the original idea.

  2. Steffi Decker

    Sehr schön, Astrid! Wie rahmst du so ein Triptychon ein? Alles in einen Rahmen oder getrennt?

    Liebe Grüße,

    • Astrid

      Hallo Steffi,
      Ehrlich gesagt, weiß ich es noch nicht. Ich werde es dann hier im Blog zeigen.

  3. Steffi Decker

    Oh ja, das wäre schön! Bin gespannt…

  4. Luzia

    Und wieder dieses tolle Licht des Nordens eingefangen.
    Eine Augenweide und weckt die Sehnsucht nach der Küste in mir.
    Lieben Gruß in den Norden