Danish Southsealand


Blick von Ærø, Pastell, 8×24cm
verkauft © Astrid Volquardsen

© Astrid Volquardsen

The other day I had a really nice conversation with a customer about a sailing trip I undertook some years ago along the danish shores. Nothern Europe is famous for it’s special light and has attracted many artists.
Looking at my sketches and pastel studies from this trip it all came back in an instant: The colors,the light, the sun and warmth on my skin. I think as an artist we are really blessed, because we somehow seem to explore nature much more intensive.

© Astrid Volquardsen

3 Responses

  1. Jala Pfaff

    Astrid, the clarity and purity of your seascapes and skyscapes is a constant inspiration to me.

  2. Frank

    Hallo Astrid,
    Über die Reise und die Pastelle gab es einen interessanten Artikel und wir hatten daruaf hin Deine Spur auf genommen. ;-)
    Wir wünschen Dir und Deiner Familie ein schönes Osterfest – Frank

  3. Astrid Volquardsen

    Hallo Frank,
    und über die aufgenommene Spur bin ich sehr froh. Euch auch schöne Ostertage, Astrid

    Hi Jala,
    thanks so much.I am just lucky to be blessed with such a landscape within a two hours drive.