© Marc Volquardsen, 2012 As I have got more and more interested in making pastels by myself  I eventually ended up with having a closer look at pigments. First I thought I will write a short summery about it, but … Read More

Making Pastels


For quite a while I have been curious about the pastel making process and how to make my own ones. A blog post by the American pastel artist Casey Klahn gave the last impulse. I had so many left overs, … Read More

Arranging my palette III


© Astrid Volquardsen, 2011 To store my pastels I decided to build some long boxes without any space holders. This way it is much easier to follow the color wheel. Further more some colors take more space and others less, … Read More

Arranging my palette II


After approxomately 20 hours of work I have rearanged my palette and I am glad that I finally came around to do this. Sometimes it was very tirering but on the other hans I have discoverd many beautiful colors, of … Read More

Henri Roché Pastels

I did some color samples of the Roché pastels. I hope you can read the numbers on it. Das könnte Dich auch interessieren: Henri Roché Pastels Henri Roché Pastelle Materialkunde: Dunkle Pastelle Pastelle II

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