Plein Air at the Elbe: Midsommernight


Well, almost Midsummer. But two days later still counts as midsummer I would say. The advantage of painting the same place again and again is to explore the landscape in different types of seasons. This includes where the sun will be. In winter time the sun goes down just behind the small island in the river of the left side. In summer even at 7 p.m., I had been greeted by full counter light.


20150623-Plein Air-020

Midsummer evening, Oil, 20×30 cm, 2015

© 2015, Astrid Volquardsen


I’m back to my other favorite hunting grounds: the river. I was just blown again away not only by the strong wind ( still way too cold for June), but how fast the light conditions can change at this spot. It just affects everything: the distant islands, the trees, the water. Always exciting to paint these things. At one point you just have to stick with the composition and light scene.

It was also very interesting compared to my last plein air spot at the beach of St. Peter Ording. The by passers  were so relaxed and in vacation mode.

Here at the pier of the river the workers from Airbus industries ( on the other side of the river) get of the ferry and just want to catch the next bus or are heading for their cars. Rush our.

But one of the captains of the ferry stopped and we had a little chat about one of the most beautiful working places: the river Elbe.


20150623-Plein Air-019

Foto © 2015, Astrid Volquardsen

4 Responses

  1. Roswitha

    Wieder ein super Bild! Bin sehr überrascht, wie toll dir die Bilder mit Ölfarben gelingen!
    Lieben Gruß,

    • Astrid

      Danke dir Roswitha,
      das »Geheimnis« liegt am Malen, Malen, Malen. Erwähnte ich Malen? :-))

  2. Elke

    Was für ein schöner Tag…ein stimmungsvoller Himmel von Dir und eine Treppe in den Elbtunnel von Edward B. Gordon, der offenbar gerade in HH ist.
    Liebe Grüße aus Rostock