St. Peter Ording Plein air


Right now it’s a very intense time. All the impressions that are gathered in my brain want to emerge to the surface. As a pastel or oil? I am quite surprised how both techniques influence each other and I know they will push me forward. What I learned most from the plein air and oil technique: Stop fiddeling around, make well thought approaches. Well, that’s the aim the reality looks different but I am getting there. There are days when it just doesn’t want to work out, but these paintings are important too. Stepping stones for the next plein air painting. And then there are the days when all things come together and I am in the moment and the painting  captures all I want to say.


St. Peter-Ording


St. Peter-Ording

Back in the studio I find it fascinating how much my impressions from the plein air sessions influence my choice of color and design. For some paintings I hardly use my photographs anymore. I have never painted so much outside for an exhibition as I have done for this one so far and that’s something I definately want to do even more in the future.

In my next blog post I will show you a pastel impression.