Sketch, with ink and goauche, © Astrid Volquardsen 2014 When walking along the beach something always catches my eye and finds its way into my pockets. Because I belong to the tribe of gatherers I have a wide collection of … Read More

St. Peter Ording


FOTO von der Sandbank © Astrid Volquardsen 2014 To be at the west coast and enjoy the sea was sooo good. This time we went to a small town called St. Peter Ording. The specific feature about this place is … Read More

At the seashore


At the seashore, Pastel, 18×24 cm, 2014 © Astrid Volquardsen One of the more quieter paintings concerning color and composition. Standing in front of the painting you watch the clouds cross the sky and the water leaving marks in the … Read More

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