Fresh Breeze


Fresh Breeze, Pastel, 44×68 cm © 2014, Astrid Volquardsen The next days till Saturday I will be painting live at the Galery Chaco in Hamburg. This beauty will be there as well. Das könnte Dich auch interessieren: Collector’s Items My … Read More

Glowing Surf


Glowing Surf, Pastel, 44×68 cm, © 2014, Astrid Volquardsen sold Again I am fascinated by the surf of the North sea. Das könnte Dich auch interessieren: Skagen – Soft Light Autumn Surf Auflaufend Wasser Rough sea

Calm sea


Ruhige See 18×24 cm, Pastell © 2014, Astrid Volquardsen   Sometimes you don’t need much to relax. Just listen to the soft sound of the waves and look at the clouds. Almost heaven. You can buy this painting complety framed … Read More

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