Small Talk


Small Talk, Pastell, 20×20 cm © 2014, Astrid Volquardsen A small talk between the crew members of the containership and a pilot member before they take off again. This painting will be shown at the gallery chaco in Hamburg next … Read More

Routine Job (II)


Routine-Job (II), Pastell, 20×20 cm © 2014, Astrid Volquardsen On a calm day without strong winds and waves this looks lie routine. But who knows: maybe it’s a beginner in front of all those joy sticks. This painting is at … Read More

Routine job


Routine Job, Pastel,13×13cm, © Astrid Volquardsen 2014 Sometimes this looks like a routine but I don’t think that it ever is. If you’re interested to purchase this painting please send me an email: ( 180.- Euros, with a mat … Read More

Chug Chug


After all the sketches from France it’s back to my paintings from my hometown. Tuck Tuck, Pastel, 13×13cm, © Astrid Volquardsen 2014   When I look at this painting I always seem to hear the chug chug noise of this … Read More

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