Magellan Terassen, Sketch,

Canson Art Book 180 (A4), Technical pencil .5/ 2B

Astrid Volquardsen, 2016

The upcoming weeks I won’t be able to go to my usual plein air hunting ground, because of some bad traffic we will face at my hometown. So I have to adjust and turn to parts of the harbor city with it’s beautiful old ware houses.

Before I turn this into oil or pastel paintings I felt I needed to take a closer look at the perspective and came across the fantastic Stephanie Bowers. She shows her approach to perspective in  her online Video Workshop  at Craftsy and how this principle can be easily adjusted to outside sketching.

Right now the weather is beautiful but for my liking there’s too much blue in the sky ( no clouds), so ideal weather to just sit down and sketch. Back to basic, no color involved.


At the end I almost had a game stopper. At one point some photographers and models showed up and one of them was holding a reflector high up in the air, right in my eye sight.

Luckily I was almost done.


Foto: Astrid Volquardsen

  1. Maja

    Ich stehe normalerweise gar nicht so auf Stahlbauten – aber in Deinen Skizzen siehts unheimlich beeindruckend aus! Übrigens finde ich auch das Foto von Deinem Zeichenbuch klasse und sehr passend, wenns um Perspektive geht spielen eben auch Licht und Schatten eine Rolle.

    Viele Grüße