Steam Ice-breaker


»Mid Ship!«
»Half ahead!«
»Half ahead.«

With a calm but decisive voice came the commands of the captain for his officer at the rudder who confirmed them. The old ice breaker turns slowly into the harbor of Hamburg into the blue hour.

This weekend we had the cruise days with all the big cruise ships but those big floating entertainment hotels don’t touch my heart. It belongs to an area long gone with all it’s beautiful steam boats which are tendered and run by volunteers today.

I sat on the navigation bridge watching and listening to the captain.
20150911-Hamburger HAfen-349

Photographie © 2015, Astrid Volquardsen

When the old ships meet on the river they greet each other with their signal horns. Here you can listen to the dialogue between the small ice breaker »Elbe«, the big icebreaker »Stettin« and the old cargo ship »Cap Sandiego«. I just love it.