Painting live at the Galery Chaco


What wonderful days at the gallery Chaco. To all my new readers a warm welcome. If you want to receive automatically new blog updates please subscribe on the left at the sidebar.

Yesterday I wasn’t able to finish the painting because of all the nice conversations I had, so this will be my task for today.


Galerie Chaco-84

© 2014 Astrid Volquardsen


All my visitors emphasize how much more beautiful the colors are compared to the colors on a computer screen. Especially in the seascapes. one wall is completely filled with paintings from the north sea so now is the chance to have a look at the originals.


Galerie Chaco-86

© 2014 Astrid Volquardsen


Galerie Chaco
in den Zeisehallen (beim Zeisekino)
Friedensallee 7-9
22765 Hamburg