The bookbinder shop of Madame Vion



Moleskin Watercolor paper/ Gouache, Watercolor pens, ink, © Astrid Volquardsen 2014

Because Moleskine doesn’t offer A5 sketchbooks, I took paper from there A3 watercolor book

One of our hiking tours lead us away from the coast up the hill to the small town of La Clarté. Around the very old church several shops were located, one of them the bookbinder shop of Madame Vion.

Entering her shop makes you feel as if you enter a different world, almost like in Inkheart.

On a table we saw the most beautiful sketch- and notebooks, crafted by Madame Vion. I could have bought all of them.I don’t speak much French, but Madame understood that we admired her work and craft. In the end I bought two beautiful little notebooks.