Workshop at Haute Baran


Image by Astrid Volquardsen

It has been a bit quiet here on my blog but for a very good reason. Last week I was in France at a workshop with Sally Strand at the estate Haute Baran. This beautiful place is near a small village called le Boulvé, in the southwest of France in the Lot Departement.

This week will stay forever in my heart and in my soul. The foundation was layed by the light and food of southern France. But most important were Sally Strand who was more of a mentor than a teacher and of course my co-workshoppers. I have never experienced such comraderie within a workshop and all this positive energie coming from 8 people.
Stay tuned I will tell you more …

Image by Astrid Volquardsen

  1. Karin

    Ich hab mich schon gewundert,wo Du abgeblieben bist….

    Sally Strand! Wowww – das kann ich mir gut vorstellen!