Madeira – Arco da Calheta


Arco da Calheta

Altes Bauernhaus, Sketchbook, 2012

To sketch my environment has brought an aspect in my life which I had never taken into account in the beginning: To meet the people who live there. Of course they are curious what I do and often like to have a look at my sketch. In the past I wasn’t so keen to show my sketches because in my eyes they weren’t good enough. But these people don’t care about perfection. They are interested in how I see their world through my eyes and very often enjoy details or motives I have taken on.

On Madeira we stayed in Arco da Calheta, a small village which is still affected by the traditional way of farming. We couldn’t really communicate with each other by I could tell by there looks that they liked my sketches.


© Marc Volquardsen 2012

On one evening an older couple approached me and to my surprise they were German. They had bought an old house and after looking at my sketches we were invited over. It was such a charming evening, sitting in the shadow of wine fruits, listening to all the stories this house could tell.

Had I just taken a photo, well, I would not have met all those lovely people on Madeira.


© Marc Volquardsen 2012