The Story Of Unison Color -2011 IAPS Presentation


During Summer 2011, The Managing Director of Unison Colour, Kate Hersey, travelled to New Mexico to the pastel convention where Kate attended as keynote speaker. In her talk she gave a brief history of Unison Colour and described how the beautiful pastels are made today. The presentation includes many photographs of the process and the staff. It shows how the color palette was inspired by the environment of Northumberland and why it differs so much from what big companies offer. A treat for all pastel artists.


3 Responses

  1. Sam Hannaway

    Astrid, thanks so much for posting Kate Hershey’s IAPS keynote speech! My use of Unison pastels had already given me a deep respect for the work John Hershey has done, but now that I’ve seen this, I am truly in awe of the masterful work performed by all of the Unison family.

    • Astrid

      Hi Sam,
      same with me. Since I have started mixing some pastels of my own I have an even deeper respect for what they have achieved.

  2. Casey Klahn

    Very fine speech and video. It is nice to see the process that D H used and to see the remote nature of their studio.