Framed Banjard Details



Banjard / Detail I-III, each 13×13 cm, 2011
© Astrid Volquardsen

We put the pastels in a frame without a passepartout. They are behind a glass and seem to float behind it. Unfortunately this fotograph can’t show the beautifull glow of the oroginal pastels.

5 Responses

  1. Casey Klahn

    This series is very appealing, Asti. The compositions and colors are beautiful, and the daylight shines in them.

    • Astrid

      Hi Casey,
      I like the colours and the composition too. It is somewhat different from what I usually do and that is so freeing.

  2. Karin Goeppert

    Hallo Astrid!

    Endlich komm ich dazu: Wunder-,wunderschön. Die Farben und values sind so fein aufeinander abgestimmt. Sensibel und kraftvoll gleichzeitig.
    Die gefallen mir wahnsinnig gut.

    • Astrid

      Hallo Karin,
      danke dir!

  3. Sam Hannaway

    Hi Astrid,

    Somehow I lost your address. I’ve missed seeing your blog, but now I get to catch up. Oh, boy!