Wales Coastal Path


One of the best opportunities to discover Wales beauty is probably the Wales Coast Path. From north to south the path covers 800 miles of stunning coastline. The path takes you along the shore with cliffs, down to sandy beaches and coves, small harbours, some nice Ins and tearomms and of cause some really great castles. This is defenatley a place I would love to come back. I did some sketches and what striked me most is the color of the water. It really is turquoise in a way – seemed to be somehow fake.

Sketchbook, 2010
© Astrid Volquardsen
© Astrid Volquardsen

9 Responses

  1. bridget Hunter

    I love the freshness of your sketches and the composition.

  2. Astrid Volquardsen

    Thanks Bridget!

  3. Anonymous

    It's lovely. I only know Scotland, but Wales seems really worth a long journey too. Scotland (with isle) is stunning.
    May I ask you the size of your Sketchbook? The pastel sketch in the upper right corner is beautiful. You caught the colours so well :)

  4. Astrid Volquardsen

    Hi Cynthia,
    yes, Wales is worth a long journey…! The size of my sketchbook is 19×19cm. The pastelsketch was done on Sennelier Pastel Card (9×18cm) and was added later to the sketchbook.The sketchbbok paper doesn't hold pastel pigments very well.

  5. Anonymous

    Der Sketch ist wunderbar. Ich liebe das türkise Wasser.

    Ich warte schon ganz gespannt, wann es dieses Jahr wieder einen Kurs gibt.
    Viele Grüße,
    Karin Goeppert

  6. Astrid Volquardsen

    Hallo Karin,
    dieses Jahr finden keine Kurse mehr statt. Erst im nächsten Frühjahr wieder.

  7. Caroline

    Very impressive sketches, the turquoise colours are so lovely and we have them here on the West Coast of Scotland too.

  8. Brian McGurgan

    I like the sketches very much and enjoy seeing them in your sketchbook like this so beautifully arranged with your notes. I haven't yet been able to make much of a habit of using a sketchbook – I tend to neglect it or to want to tear out the drawings I'm unhappy with – but your sketchbooks are giving me lots of inspiration and ideas, Astrid.

  9. Jala Pfaff

    Very nice. Strange for there to be turquoise water; I'd never have imagined it there.