Studie, Pastell, je 10×17cm, 2010, © Astrid Volquardsen

Our new neighbourhood is surrounded by birches, so now I can easily observe how they change their color every day. I always believed they start right away with some light green. Well, they don‹t. I didn’t take any photos and as I stood there and looked at the colors to memorize them, I was really surprised to see these brownish, greenish, reddish…whatever colors.

As I again took a closer look today I was startled by the color of the sky. It usually isn’t that blue, something was somehow different. It obviously has to do with the flight restrictions over northern Europe, because of the vulcanic ash cloud from Icelands vulcano Eyjafjallajoekull (that’s a grand name, eh? I found a funny link about it’s pronounciation: Iceland Volcano spews consonants and vowels). All airports in Northern Europe have been closed for two days now, so no condensation trails can be seen in the sky.

© Marc Volquardsen

6 Responses

  1. loriann

    Your use of beautiful neutrals make the birches really show off.

  2. Werner Osterrath
    | Samstag ca. 10 Uhr bis 13 Uhr war es bei mir in Nürberg genau so…
    ich habe noch gedacht,..wann gab es einen Himmel ohne Kondensstreifen ..dieses Blau habe ich lange vermisst.
    Beste Grüße aus Nürnberg sendet Werner Osterrath

  3. Astrid Volquardsen

    Hi Loriann,
    thanks for stopping by, because I know you're really busy right now.

    Hallo Herr Osterrath,
    bei uns hat dieser Himmel sogar heute noch angehalten.

  4. Jala Pfaff

    Gorgeous paintings, also photo.
    That sky looks as blue as Colorado's!
    Thanks for the link–hilarious. Also love the title of that article. :D

  5. Brian McGurgan

    Lovely studies, Astrid!

  6. Astrid Volquardsen

    Hi Brian,