Today in the supermarket I thought  I would suffere again under my jetlag and didn’t read correctly. But there was no misunderstanding. Actually, there’s a new vegie on the market and if you would translate it sounds like: »Asperaccoli« (no … Read More

Rickmer Rickmers


  Sketchbook,Rickmer Rickmers, Inkand Guoache 2011 © Astrid Volquardsen Originally the sail ship Rickmer Rickmers was built for gods transport and its first journey in 1886 brought it as far as Hong Kong. Now it has found its place in … Read More

Café Lichthof


Door of Café Lichthof, Pastel, 12×12 cm, 2011 © Astrid Volquardsen On the German side of the Flensburg Fjord lies the picturesque village of Falshöft.  Here the Fjord opens out to the Baltic sea. The village is mostly known for … Read More

Silvergrey River


Sketchbook, 2011 © Astrid Volquardsen Just before the big container ships reach the harbour of Hamburg the river bends, so one cannot see, what kind of ship might appear in the distance. After a heavy rain shower one of these … Read More

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