»Our picture portrays a view of the river Elbe at its best. One of the huge container ships which we have seen many times before on our sailing tours when travelling upstream towards Hamburg. It also shows a pilot vessel, tug boat and feeder ship close by. As a viewer of the painting you can enjoy this winter evening mood with its beautiful orange-red sunset in Blankenese. Behind the ship you can still see the contours of the power station in Wedel. Here and there you can see twinkling lights on board the ships and on land. It’s the special conditions of illumination which are so impressive in this painting.

When we come through the door of our apartment we are “welcomed” by this wonderful picture. It literally beams at us. Although the picture is called “Winterabend II” [Winter’s Eve] it reminds us of the familiar scene at the end of a warm summer’s day spent on our sailboat, looking back down the river Elbe towards where we’ve just come from when we sail back to our home port of Finkenwerder.

The picture has a special place in our living room where every visitor can admire it and gaze in amazement. It also reminds us of a very special occasion when we celebrated our silver wedding anniversary because this was our present to ourselves to mark the occasion.«

Heinz and Trisha

  • Serie: Elblandschaften
  • Medium: Mischtechnik
  • Größe, Jahr: 27x100 cm, 2012
  • Status: Verkauft