Waltershof in back light

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Another painting from this typical light condition in Hamburg harbor.

Waltershof im Gegenlicht

Waltershof in back light, 13 x 13 cm, pastel
© Astrid Volquardsen, 2014

You can purchase this painting (framed with a mat and floatglas) for 180:- Euro. There will be additional shipping cost  outside of Germany. If you’re interested please mail me via contact.

Important painting tips for working at a river

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Lately I am working with oil colors for my plein air sessions when the weather turns out to be too wet. Yesterday summer made a pause and sent some rainclouds along our shores. Grey clouds and rain belong to this landscape as sun and big clouds so I took my painting gear and settled for a nice spot on the river bank.



Foto © Astrid Volquardsen 2014

Usually I am always well informed if I am working at low or high tide but this time I somehow forgot about it. Erroneously I thought we approached low tide and didn’t pay attention to the water level. This river is used extensively by big ships and as the ships pass by they suck away water which returns with a great »Whoops«.  Depending on the size of the ships and the level of the water this can be very dangerous, because it might actually pull you into the river. I was lucky and beside some wet jeans I was all right. I think this is what they call a game stopper.



Foto © Astrid Volquardsen 2014

Sketch: The old Elbe tunnel

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Alter Elbtunnel (Skizze)

Canson Skizzenbuch 180/ Gouache, watercolour pencils, ink (edding 1800), © Astrid Volquardsen 2014

These summer days are so nice. Nice to sit outside and doing a sketch in the warm sun.

This is a view of the old Elbe tunnel, which was build in 1911. The workers of the old docks on the other side of the river could reach their workplace now much faster. Inside the domed structure the four elevators are located which could transport cars as well. I can clearly remember when in the 1970s my family drove through the tunnel with our VW Beetle till the city opened a new one in 1975. (Without elevators!)

Today the tunnel is undertaken a major renovating but it is still open to pedestrians.

On a note to those who like sketching or would love to do it. In the beginning I saw my sketchbook as kind of another workplace for my paintings, so every sketch had to be good. Well, this didn’t help my creativity nor my other work. It actually is kind of stupid and counterproductive. Sketching outside has helped me to have access to the world around me an gain access to my inner world and most importantly to live in the Here an Now. To enjoy and feel the moment. It doesn’t matter if the sketch looks fabulous, the moment will be remembered. Of course my ego likes it a lot if the sketch turns out nice..:-)

This sketch is the result of a Here and Now moment. You would like to go there as well? All you have to do is buy a sketchbook, get over the first stupid sketches and get on board in the Here and Now.




Foto © Astrid Volquardsen 2014

The other details I added at home and could do them from my memory.

Hamburg Blue Port

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BluePort 1

Foto: © Marc Volquardsen, 2014

Right now there isn’t so much activity on my blog as it used to be. I am preparing  concepts for my two exhibitions next year and I am currently not showing the new artwork. It has to sit with me in my studio.

On Friday I took the evening off and went to the Blue Port festival. The light artist Michael Batz illuminated the harbor with blue lights which where installed on over 120 objects from ships, cranes to houses.

Unfortunately I forget some equipment of my camera so I had to take in all these colors and shapes with my very own senses. In the end, I thought myself to be very lucky and fortunate.

Blue Port 2

Foto: © Marc Volquardsen, 2014

White Sand (II)

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Weißer Sand II,20×27 cm, Pastell
© 2014 Astrid Volquardsen

The pastels of the St. Peter Ording series are framed now. I liked to show different options how a painting can be presented in different ways all in a scandinavian style.

Either on a wall, painted in a medium grey, like I have in my kitchen.


White Sand II, Pastel, 20×27cm, © Astrid Volquardsen, 2014
Size of frame 34 x 39 cm

This one gives you an example on a white wood wall.


Foto: © Marc Volquardsen, 2014
White Sand II, Pastel, 20×27cm, © Astrid Volquardsen, 2014
Size of frame 34 x 39 cm

Followed in front of a light grey wall. The color of the chest of drawers and the grass are used in the painting as well.


Foto: © Marc Volquardsen, 2014
White Sand II, Pastel, 20×27cm, © Astrid Volquardsen, 2014
Size of frame 34 x 39 cm

. The painting costs 580.- Euros, framed with museumsglas. For those who live outside of Germany there will be additional shipping costs. If you’re interested to purchase this painting please contact me for further details.

Clouds – decorating

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Wandgestaltung mit Pastellbild

Foto: © Marc Volquardsen, 2014
Clouds, Pastel, 18 x 24 cm © Astrid Volquardsen, 2014
Size of frame: 34 x 39 cm

What about going for a walk along the beach: at least in your mind? Enjoying a cup pf tea alongside? With some norse accessory you can enhance the effect of the pastel.

If you’re interested in purchasing this painting please contact me.

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